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ORACLE ADF Course Content

Class 1

ADF Basics
ADF Architecture
Understanding JDeveloper
Explain sample application
Database schema modeling
Practice Class 1
Install JDeveloepr 11g
Get familiar with IDE
Database modeling
Install sample application schema

Class 2

ADFbc Basics
Entity Objects and View Objects
Associations and View Links
Declarative validation and business logic
Programmatic validation and business logic
Application Modules and Testing ADFbc
Troubleshoot ADFbc
Practice Class 2
Build ADFbc
Add validations and business logic
Build application modules
Test ADFbc

Class 3

Introduction to UI technology
Understanding ADFm and data bindings
Designing User Interface
Understanding task flows
Implementing navigation between pages
Controlling transactions between flows
Building a simple UI page
Practice Class 3
Build a simple page
Build bounded TF
Implement navigations

Class 4

Creating data-bound page
Understanding Managed Beans
Rendering partial page content
Handling Events and listeners
Understanding Layout basics
Using input components and forms
Using Tables and Trees in UI
Building Master-Detail UI
Building Search UI
Practice Class 4
Build a search, create, edit, delete flow
Build master-detail UI
Refine UI with layouts
Use PPR and listeners

Class 5

Using list-of-values in UI
Using popup, dialog and menus
Using navigation components
Using trains in UI
Displaying tips, messages and help content
Contextual Events
Passing parameters between flows
Reusing flows and regions
Using templates
Using declarative components
Practice Class 5
Add LOV in UI
Use popup, dialog and menus

Class 6

Using data visualization components on UI
Troubleshoot ADF application
Refactoring the code
Reusing application components
Deploying application
Advanced ADFbc techniques
Exposing web services from ADFbc
Using ADF UI as portlet
Practice Class 6
Using DVT components
Refactor code
Tuning ADFbc
Complete the demo application
Use trains
Build templates and declarative components
Using contextual events

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