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Lean – Kanban Training for Beginners

The Kanban Method provides pragmatic, actionable, evidence-based guidance for successful evolutionary change. It starts with what you do now and pursues evolutionary change while respecting current roles, responsibilities and job titles, and encouraging leadership at all levels. This allows organizations to evolve business processes gradually, define and use relevant metrics to measure progress, and significantly reduce the risks associated with complex change programs.

Course outline:

Introduction to Lean and Kanban

  • Origins, evolution, Benefits

Definition of Kanban Method

  • Kanban concepts, principles and terminology

Visualization of work

Introducing to STATIK

Identifying internal and external motivational for a change

Demand analysis for different types of work

Using a Kanban system

Common misunderstandings and pitfalls of Kanban

Other Details:

  • Duration : 7 hours
  • Mode of Teaching : Online
  • aterial – Soft copy will be provided to the students




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