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OBIEE Course Content

1. Introduction To Data Warehousing

  •  Introduction to various methods in Data Warehouses.
  • Data Warehousing, Data Marts, ODS, OLTP and OLAP.
  •  learn about basic concepts of Data Warehousing and understand the differences and advantages of OLTP and OLAP.

 2. Overview Of Data Modeling

  •  Data Modeling concept of OBIEE Period Rolling.
  •  Dimensional Data Modeling, Star Schems, SnowFlake Schema.
  •  Dimensional Data Modeling such as Facts, Dimensions, Star Schema and SnowFlake Schema with examples.

3.  Introduction To Business Intelligence

  • What is Business Intelligence
  • Where BI tools are Used
  • Why the Oracle Business Intelligence
  • Advantages
  • Architecture
  • Components
  • Clients – Answers
  • Delivers
  • Dashboards and Web administration
  • Servers- Oracle BI server
  • Presentation
  • Scheduler server

4. OBIEE Repositor

  • Objects of Physical Layer
  • DSN for a data sources
  • Build physical layer

5. Business Model And Presentation Layer

  • Learning Objectives : After the creation of Business Model and Mapping layer, entire business models can be drag and drop to the Presentation layer in the Administration Tool.
  •  Topics Include : Objects, Simple Measures, Presentation layer, Properties, Create and Build.
  •  Practicals Covered : In this session, we will understand the concepts and measures that needs to be taken before creating a Business Model and understand how to present data and control the access permissions.

 6. Testing And Validating Repository

  • Checking repository consistency
  • Checking Global Consistency
  • Inspecting Oracle Answers and SQL
  • Inspecting log files (Nqquery.log, NQSserver.log)

 7. Adding Multiple Sources To Dimension

  • De-normalizing tables structures in database design
  • Adding multiple sources to existing logical tables source
  • Adding second table sources

8. Adding Calculations To Fact

  • Calculation measures on the basis of physical and logical columns
  • Using Calculation wizard

9. Creating Dimensional Hierarchies And Level Based Measures

  • Creating dimensional hierarchies
  • Using level based measures
  • Creating Rank and Share measures

10. Using Aggregation

  • Importing Aggregated Tables into Repository
  • Modeling aggregate tables to speed processing

11. Using Variables

  • Presentation Variables
  • Repository variables
  • Session variables
  • Initialization Blocks

 12. Multi-User Environment (MUD)

  • Overview on Multi-user Environment (MUD)
  • How to create projects in MUD
  • Checkout and check-in of projects

13. Modeling Time Series Data

  • Types of SCDS
  • Using of time series functions

14. Modeling Extension Tables

  • Purposes of extension tables
  • Modeling extension tables for fact and dimensions

 15. Security In OBIEE

  • OBIEE security is defined by the use of a role-based access control model.
  • Create Users, Groups and setting up access permissions to users, authentication etc.
  • how to secure data by restricting access to users based on their roles.

 16. Cache Management

  • Cache management in OBIEE is done from multiple points.
  •  Caching Tables, NQSCONFIG.INI file.
  •  how to improve performance using caching.

 17. Presentation Services And Answers

  • Learning Objectives : Oracle Business Intelligence Presentation Catalog.
  •  Topics Include : Business requests, filters, creating views and charts.
  •  Practicals Covered : In this class, we will will cover how to create answers using Business requests and filter requests using criteria and visualizing them using charts

 18. Oracle Business Intelligence Dashboards

  •  Dashboard Pages and Prompts, Navigation Links, Conditional Links, How to add content to dashboard.
  •  work on creating dashboard pages and also learn to administer them.

 19. Administering OBI Presentation Catalogue

  • Using catalogue management to maintain web catalogue
  • Creating catalogue groups
  • Issuing privileges etc.

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