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Oracle Application Framework Content

1.OA Framework MVC Architecture

Setup of Jdeveloper with OAF Extension

2. Overview of JDeveloper

Build Hello World

3. Overview of OA Framework files

4. OA Framework Page Basics

  • OA Framework Coding Standards
  • Simple Search Page with Real-time Search page

5. Covers CO,VO,AM,EO,VL,AO

  • Real-time Example on Create page
  • One assignment on Create page.
  • List of Values(Internal and External LOV)
  • Poplist,Radio buttons, check box and coding examples on dependent loves
  • Example on real time update page.

6. OAF Deployment Basics & Scripts

  • Overview of MDS and JDR tables
  • Demo of How to develop Sample Delete Page
  • Example on one real time page.
  • Error Handling and Debugging Exercise
  • Demo of Page Content Layout

7. Different type of Regions

  • Tokens & URL Parameters
  • Session Parameters/Values
  • Demo of Advanced Topics like Partial Page Rendering (PPR), SPEL bound Syntax, Dynamic
  • ontent, Bound Values, Context Info, Hide/Show etc…
  • How to call Standard PL/SQL package, functions and SQL statements

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