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SAP APO Training

SAPAPO(Advanced Planning and Optimizer)is one of the development components in SCM. APO is a set of Software applications from the German-based IT company SAP for supply chain management. An efficient Supply chain management (SCM) is the backbone of the Product and raw material association and allocation model of a company. SAP is continuously emergent new products, according to the market conditions for the ease of business procedures. One among them is Supply Chain Management (SCM) business suite, and APO is an important component in it.

Advantages of SAP APO

The best advantage, why the IT companies opt for SAP, is like it provides complete end-to-end supply chain management solution linking all the processes together, which further helps in attractive the process. The technology of SAP APO helps from the order generation to the precision implementation of it. With the increasing demand of the technology, IT companies are hiring people who are already trained in it.

Demand of SAP APO

The large numbers of companies have adopted SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO), the demand for the course has amplified quite a many folds in the last few years. SAP APO course certainly guarantees that the trainees would get the best of the job opportunities after the course completion. As a requirement for the course, it is better if the students have a basic understanding of the SAP. A basic understanding of the course would help the students learn the intricacies of APO.

SAP APO Course Content

SAP APO DP with BW and SNP with CIF Training Topics with Schedule
Demand Planning – DP
Business Intelligence Specific to DP
Core Interface – CIF
Supply Network Planning – SNP
PP/DS Overview

Day 01 }   Supply Chain Management and SAP APO Overview
Day 02  }  SAP APO Demand Planning Overview
DP – Demand Planning Topics
Day 03 }     Model & Version, Storage Bucket Profile, Time Bucket Profiles
Day 04  }    MPOS and CVCs
Day 05  }    Planning Area and Time Series
Day 06  }    Data Views and Planning Books
Day 07  }    Univariate Profile, Master Forecasting Profile
Day 08  }   Interactive Planning Screen Details
Day 09  }   Statistical Forecasting
Day 10  }    Life Cycle Management
Day 11  }    Macros
Day 12  }   Alerts Management
Day 13  }   Mass Processing / Back Ground Jobs
Day 14  }   Proportional Factors / Aggregation and Disaggregation
Day 15  }   Realignment and Copy
Day 16  }   Forecast Release to SNP
Day 17  }   Product Split and Location Split
Day 18  }  Calendars, Time Stream ID and Fiscal Year Variants, Period Split, Distribution Definition etc.
         BI }  Business Intelligence Specific to DP( APO DP- BI)
Day 19  }  Overview of SAP APO DP with BW/BI Integration
Day 20  }  Info Objects, Info Area, Characteristics and Key Figures
Day 21  }   Info Cubes
Day 22  }  Process Chains

CIF – Core Interface
Day 23  }   Overview of Core Interface
Day 24  }   Logical Systems, RFC, Business System Group, CIF Connections
Day 25  }   ECC to APO Data Transfer (Master and Transactional)
Day 26  }   APO to ECC data Transfer
Day 27  }  Error Handling and CIF Monitoring

SNP – Supply Network Planning
Day 28  }   SNP Overview
Day 29  }   Administrative Data in SNP like MPOS, Planning Books, and Planning Area etc
Day 30  }   General Setting in SNP
Day 31  }   SNP Profiles
Day 32 }   Location, Product Master Data
Day 33  }  Resource, PPM / PDS and Transportation Lanes Master Data
Day 34 }   SNP Heuristics
Day 35  }  SNP Deployment and TLB
Day 36  }  SNP Optimizer
Day 37  } SNP CTM
Day 38 }  PP/DS Overview and Important T.Codes
Day 39 }  APO Projects Session
Day 40 }  Additional Session.

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By: Vetal - Rating: 5 ( )
SAP APO Good training experience. Learning Resources that were provided were good and apt. Also Hands on practical sessions were conducted which enhanced the learning and specially Thanks to Mr. Kalyan Sir

By: Anand Varma - Rating: 5 ( )
ERP Online is an amazing place for SAP APO Online Training. Here, Trainer Mr. Kalyan is the main priority for them. Each and every trainer is highly qualified with amazing teaching skills.

By: Vinay Kumar - Rating: 5 ( )
One of the best training institute in Hyderabad. I have joined for SAP APO Online course. Trainer (Mr. Kalyan) having a good knowledge and all doubts are cleared on time. Thanks to BESTWAY Team.

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