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ERP Training’s Providing SAP BI SECURITY Online Training in India with working Professionals. Course Duration 8 hours Only.

SAP BI Security Course Content

Introduction to BW & BI Syst ems

Purpose of BI system
Data Storage in BI System
Data retreival in the form of reporting
Reporting Tools overview
InfoProviders – Info Object, Infocube, DSO, Multiprovider
Info areas

Reporting Authorizations

Restricting access to Info Providers through Auth Objects
Restricting access to queries
BW related Authorization Objects
Troubleshooting BW Authorizations
Types of BW Users

Analysis Authorization(AA) Concept

Restricting access to Info Objects
Assigning AA s to users – Direct & Indirect
Trouble shooting AA s access.
Replicating user access issues by applying Trace in BI system

Other Topics

IMG setting ON /OFF in SPRO
Tables related to BW & BI Security
Upgrade of BW Security to BI Security
Difference between BW & BI Security

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