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SAP Security Syllabus

Topic Sub Topic

Introduction to ERP

What is SAP?
Brief history of SAP

SAP Architecture and BASIS overview

2 Tier and 3 tier Architecture
System Landscape
Necessity of 2, 3 and multi system landscape
Application Layer – Work Processes and Services
Work processes types and their functions
Services Types and their functions

Client Administration

Client Creation, Client Copy and Client Deletion
IDES and Non IDES Clients

Background job Administration

Background Job Scheduling
Background Job Monitoring

Transport Management system

Domain Controller
Transport routes and Layer
Types of Transport Requests
Transportation of roles

System Monitoring tasks

Work Process Monitor
Application servers monitoring
Lock Management
System Updates
System Log

R/3 Security

Standard Authorization Concept

Auth Class , Auth Object, Fields and Values
Critical Authorization objects
Customizing Authorization concept – SU24
Upgrade – SU25

User Administration

User creation, modification & deletion
Assigning roles to user
User lock and Unlock
User Password parameters
Trouble shooting User access – SU53 & ST01
Mass user creation
Super Users
User Information system
User Buffer
SAP Tables related to UMR(User Master Record)

Role Administration

Types of roles
Role Creation – Single, Composite and Derived
Role modification –  Single & Composite
Role deletion
Role transportation
Role assignment to user – Direct & Indirect
SAP Tables related to Roles

CUA – Central User Administration

Configuring CUA
Connecting & Disconnecting child system to CUA
Creating users and assigning roles using CUA
Troubleshooting CUA related issues.

Implementation Phase

SU20 – Auth field Maintenance
Su21 – Auth Object Maintenance
SU22 & SU24 differences
SU25 – Security Upgrade concept


Real time Scenarios & issues
SU53 & ST01
Tracing Authorizations

Other Topics

User Comparison – PFUD
User Buffer –  SU56
Locking Tcodes – SM01
Ticketing tools
TR creation
Process related to User , role maintenance


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