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We are providing SAP UI5 Online Training in Hyderabad, Ameerpet, Bangalore, India.

SAP Ui5 and Fiori Course Content


  • Creating our first web page
  • Understanding Markup language
  • Tags in HTML
  • Web Forms
  • Linking to Pages

Cascade Style sheet

  • External style sheet
  • Font properties
  • Box model, padding, border, margin, padding.
  • Classes, Div and Span
  • working with colours and  Background images

Java Script

  • Introduction to Java Script
  • Java Script forms
  • Java Script event
  • Validation in Java Script
  • Java Script Operations
  • .Java Script Regular Expression
  • Java Script Arrays
  • Java Script Objects
  • Java Script prototype


  • SAPUI5 Controls, XML View, Messages
  • MVC Design Pattern
  • Architecture of SAPUI5 and Embedded and HUB Deployment
  • JSON Model, Resource Model, OData Model
  • Component and Manifest in SAPUI5
  • Fragments, Custom Formatters, Data Types
  • Property, Element, Aggregation Binding.
  • Navigation in SAPUI5 using Route and Targets
  • CRUD Operations in SAPUI5
  • Deploying Standard and Custom Applications in Eclipse and Web IDE
  • Extending Standard SAP Fiori Applications


  • Introduction to SAP FIORI
  • SAP Fiori Design Principles
  • SAP Fiori Architecture
  • SAP Fiori Launchpad and  SAP Fiori Designer
  • Creating Tiles, Group, Catalog, Roles for adding Application to Fiori.

SAP Netweaver Gateway Using OData Service

  • Creating OData Service in SAP Netweaver Gateway (Code Based)
  • Reading and filtering data (Code Based)
  • Development life cycle of SAP Netweaver Gateway
  • Hub deployment and Embedded Deployment
  • Creating, Updating, deleting Entry of OData Service. (Code Based)
  • Function Import (Code Based)
  • File Upload and download (Code Based)
  • Map to Data Source
  • Service Generation using RFC
  • Testing Gateway services


  • Generating OData Service using ABAP CDS Views
  •  Developing SAPUI5 application using ABAP CDS Views

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